The study examined the influence of the internet on the readability among students with a particular focus on University of Lagos students. The Internet is one of the sources heavily really on in seeking information either for personal consumption or for academic purpose (learning, teaching and researching) among students and lecturers of tertiary institutions. The research is anchored on Technology Determinism Theory and Uses and Gratifications. Cross-sectional survey research as a quantitative method was adopted. The method of data collection for this study is questionnaire in which 200 copies of questionnaires were administered to two hundred students who were selected using multi-stage sampling technique as probability sample method. Findings show that students of the University of Lagos have access to internet facilities one way or the other either via cybercafé, use of a modem, browsing on with smartphones, school wireless service etc. Final year students spent an average of 2-5 hours daily to access and use the internet for research purposes. The search engine that is most commonly used by the respondents is the ‘’. It is recommended that school authority should adequately provide wireless services to students while library and ICT centres should be well equipped to meet up with the global trend.

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