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This blog is designed for academic advancement, research purpose and up to date research information. It offers fresh project topics, project guide, project tips and complete project templates/materials for final year students in Mass Communication, Journalism, Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations, Film/drama and New Media. Our materials cover chapter 1-5, abstract, table of contents, references and questionnaire/coding book, content categories where appropriate.


Since research/thesis/project remains one of the stages that students are not conversant with, as a result of this, it delays students even after the course work and exams. Many students see it as a nightmare that brings them headache right from the time of selecting researchable topics, to the proposal writing, selection and relating appropriate theory(ies)/models, research design, data analysis and presentation.

However, researchcage.com observed many of these in the course of consulting for undergraduate and post graduate students, the situation brings about this platform to offer you some perspectives and assistant we can as far as research is concerned.

NOTE: All the topics, abstracts and materials on project topics in this platform are designed for research, academic and information purpose only. You are not expected to copy verbatim i.e “WORD for WORD” but you are at liberty to extract, paraphrase and where direct quotation is necessary; reference it appropriately. See your supervisor, school guide or online on what constitute plagiarism, fair use, paraphrasing. Kudos to schools introducing plagiarism Software.

The completed projects, journals and articles that would be offered you are to guide your research, assignment etc.

NOTE AGAIN: Not all the articles, newspapers, magazines, audio-visual (sometimes), academic journals, and some other materials that would be provided are our original properties.

“If no one owns the internet, somebody owns the contents; don’t plagiarize” by Olayinka S. O.

Agree with our terms and conditions before proceed… 


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We offer further assistance where needed till client get what he/she wants.

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Because we guide clients to the fullest.

We offer extra materials, tips, suggestions that can help better research.

We are not drive by money but valuable services.

Because clients get what they need


They refer colleagues to our website (www.researchcage.com)  and www.laittosproject.wordpress.com

We receive at least 10 referrers’ call daily (I got you contact from my friend).

They believe in our service despite the risk in online business in Nigeria.

They seek suggestions, clarifications and techniques on how to do effective research.


Get FREE Proposal Tips and templates.

Get FREE sources to literature review.

Get FREE relevant theories including the emerging once.

Get FREE links to relevant articles and e-books.

Get FREE simple techniques to research design or methodology.

Get FREE means and forms of Data analysis.

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