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This blog is designed for academic advancement, research purpose and up to date research information. It offers fresh project topics, project guide, project tips and complete project templates/materials for final year students in Mass Communication, Journalism, Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations, Film/drama and New Media etc. Our materials cover chapter 1-5, abstract, table of contents, references and questionnaire/coding book, content categories where appropriate. We can assist you in writing your mass communication project topics and analyse mass communication project data.

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For every student in their final year; either at the undergraduate or post graduate levels are expected to conduct research. Project writing begins with project ideation i.e idea on a project topic or aspect you want to cover or area of your interest. For instance, as a mass communication, marketing, public relations, advertising, journalism students you need to take these steps.


Students need to be creative when it comes to research, from the time of selecting topics, to the time of conceptualizing the topic (problem), operationalising the (variables), collection of data. READ MORE



Surf internet (websites, blogs and news sites): You can read or stumble on important issues on social media, blog or youtube etc that can be a source of topic or idea for your project. Topic idea can come from a website or blog. Also on the internet, there are some suggested topics in so many blogs including www.researchcage.com but be conscious of the topics, you can restructure some to suit your taste and need.

Look at Relevant Journal Table of Contents: Student need to read journals and other researches previously conducted by credible scholars and once you find an article in journals expanding your search can be very easy by tracking down citations but you need to be careful because those articles do not follow the basic steps involve in undergraduates and post graduate project, sometime it might be difficult to comprehend for undergraduates. READ MORE


Why Project Writing

Project or conducting research otherwise called a thesis, a dissertation is one of the challenging periods  for final year students in most tertiary institutions ranging from ND students, NCE students, HND students, Degree students, PGD students, MA/MSC students and even at PhD Level.

Despite all the challenges; it is a must for students at levels to complete his or her research project at a stipulated time usually within a year or two and failure to meet me up prevent students from graduating irrespective of the Grade in other subjects. …READ MORE …



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How To Thinking Like a Researcher

Conducting good research requires first retraining your brain to think like a researcher. This requires visualizing the abstract from actual observations, mentally “connecting the dots” to identify hidden concepts and patterns, and synthesizing those patterns into generalizable laws and theories that apply to other contexts beyond the domain of the initial observations.READ MORE



6 Simple Ways to do a Research Project

Steps by steps on how to do a research project

  1. Get or find the right supervisor

You may be assigned to one at undergraduate level.

  1. Don’t be shy, ask!
  1. didn’t try to hide your feeling
  2. communicate with your supervisor
  3. asking questions because “No question is stupid,”
  1. Select the right topic
  1. Your topic will determine your project.
  2. It should be interesting
  3. Never rely on others to recommend for you a topic for research.
  4. Try to read and think a lot
  1. Keep your plan realistic
  1. Your topic could be the best in the field, but do you have enough resources to finish the project?
  2. Look at your time frame
  3. Consider the methodology
  4. Can I afford that much time and money? READ MORE
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