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Below are the new project topics we are currently working on. Please tell us if you need any of this topic.

1.  Influence  of Social Media on Covid19 Pandemics in Nigeria.

2. Influence of Facebook on the Menace of Coronavirus in Nigeria

3. Application of Tweeter as a tool in the hand of Nigerian politicians during Covid19.

4. Uses of Tweeter among Politicians as a Tool for Breaking News in 2020

5.  Uses of Instagram and YouTube as a Tool for Breaking News during Covid19

6. Uses of TV as an Instrument for Reporting Coronavirus in Nigeria

7.Radio as a Tool for Reporting coronavirus Update  in Nigeria

8.Contribution of print media in curbing covid19 in Nigeria among elites.

9. Uses of social media as panacea for social distance during covid19 in Nigeria

10. Media Reporting of COVID19 and the Challenges of the Digital environment

11. Media representation of the COVID19 pandemic in Nigeria

12. Ethics and fake news on COVID19 reporting on social media
13. Challenges to journalism reporting in the COVID19 in Nigeria

14. Effect of fake advertisement on the buying habits of consumers in Uyo.

15. Advertising on the buying habits of students in Uniuyo

16. Impact of fake and hate news on voting behavior of students in Akoka Town

17. Impact of media in creating awareness and update on coronavirus among Lagos residents

18.  Information Technology and the changing roles of journalists in Osogbo

19. Subsistence of mass media industry and critical role of advertising in NTA channel 5 and TVC Lagos.

20. Influence of foreign music on the lifestyles of students in Uniuyo

21. Influence of Nigeria hip-hop music on students lifestyles among Unilag

22. Consumers perception of GSM advertising interruption in Nigeria among students of Uniuyo

23. Influence of Pick Milk advertisement on billboard on the buying habits of students in Unilag and Laspoly.

24. Impact  of television as tool for education among Unilag students

25. Influence of Big Brother Naija on students behavior about sex among Unilag students

26. Influence of Big Brother Naija on students lifestyles among boys and girls in

27. Impact of social media in creating awareness on domestic violence

28. Readers perception on newspapers coverage of Edo and Ondo elections in 2020

29. Nigeria perception of the television campaigns on buying made in Nigeria products among Uniuyo

30. Patterns of Instagram usage among students of Unilag and Lasu

31. Smartphones usage among students of Unilag and Laspoly on academic activities

32. Impact of social media fake news on cultural and religion behavior among students of Unilag

33. Attitude of students towards online news over hardcopy newspapers in Nigeria

34. Students perception of nudity on social media among Uniuyo

35. Fake news and whistle blowing policy: A public assessment of the Impact of media credibility.

36. Knowledge, attitude and uses of long lasting insecticides mosquito nets among pregnant mothers and nursing mothers in Ede town

37. Influence of Advertising on Students Preference of Milo and Bornvita among Unilag

38. Influence of Information communication and technology on the threat of newspapers production

39. Influence of smartphones Advertising in creating awareness for fashion among Uniuyo students

40. Influence of indigenous music on the content of the radio stations. A study of Rave f.m and Uniq f.m

41. Influence of television on sport promotion in Nigeria

42. Influence of television in promoting Premier League and UEFA Champion League among youths

43. Influence of Not Too Young To Run campaigns on Instagram and Twitter on youths participation in Edo and Ondo election in 2020

44. Influence of television advertisement on the choice of sanitary pads among female students in Uniuyo

45. Audience perception of female models in advertising messages of Always Ultra among students of Unilag

46. Impact of anti HIV/AIDS programme on television sexual behavior among students of Uniuyo






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