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Research Topics for Mass Communication in 2024

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Discover engaging research topics for mass communication that can elevate your academic projects and professional insights. Explore diverse areas including Ai in journalism, digital communication, drone in journalism practice, and social media influence. Whether you’re a student seeking inspiration for your final year project /thesis or a professional looking to deepen your understanding, our materials covers trending and significant issues in the field of mass communication. Uncover innovative ideas that address the evolving media landscape, audience behaviour, and the impact of new technologies. Stay ahead in your studies or career with well-researched topics that stimulate critical thinking and contribute to scholarly discussions. Dive into the world of mass communication research and find the perfect topic to make a meaningful impact to earn good grade.

Get these Irresistible Research Topics in Mass Communication

1Influence of Artificial Intelligence (Ai) on the practice of public relations in NigeriaChat with Us
2Perception of Public Relations Practitioners on the effectiveness of Artificial intelligence (Ai)Chat with Us
3Influence of  Artificial Intelligence (Ai) contents generation on the practice of journalismChat with Us
4Ai Generated Content and its Impact on Journalism Ethics and StandardsChat with Us
5Challenges and Prospects of Ai in contents generation among journalists in LagosChat with Us
6Perception of Journalists in the Use and Effectiveness of Artificial Intelligence (Ai) in Content GenerationChat with Us
7Perception of Journalists towards the use and adoption of drone technology in port-HarcourtChat with Us
8Challenges and Prospects of Artificial Intelligence (Ai) in Newsroom Operations in NigeriaChat with Us
9Influence of Drone on News Gathering and Reporting in NigeriaChat with Us
10Challenges and Prospects of drone in the Practice of journalism in NigeriaChat with Us
11Role of Ai in Shaping Newsroom Dynamics and EmploymentChat with Us
Research Topics for Mass Communication in Nigeria
12Impact of Chatbots on Customer Satisfaction in E-commerce among Port-Harcourt StudentsChat with Us
13Perception of Chatbot Effectiveness in Handling Complex Customer Queries among Uniuyo Students, Akwa Ibom StateChat with Us
14Audience Perception and Trust in Ai-Driven Customer Service in Nigeria e-commerceChat with Us
Get these Irresistible Research Topics in Mass Communication

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