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Technological Determinism Theory on online news vs hardcopy in Nigeria

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Technological Determinism Theory stated that media technology shapes how we as individuals in a society think, feel, act, and how society are operates, adding that as we move from one technological age to another (Tribal- Literate- Print- Electronic-Internet) our way of doing thing equally get modified. The theory was developed by Marshall Mcluhan in (1962) cited in (Anaeto, Onabanjo and Osifeso, 2008). Without a doubt, as the society is technologically advanced, the way in which most televisions and films operations are being done is changing, before now, there was nothing like CGI or animation in television production but as technology advances, the emergence of CGI has redefined the image and visual production in television, films and advertisement. On the other hand, Technological Determinism Theory is a concept in sociology and communication studies that suggests that technology plays a crucial role in shaping human society and culture. According to this theory, technological advancements have an inherent power to influence and determine the way people live, communicate, and behave.

Online News     

The advent of the internet and online news platforms has transformed the way people consume information. As more Nigerians gain access to the internet and mobile devices, there is a growing trend of relying on online news sources for real-time updates and convenience. This shift in consumption behavior has directly impacted hardcopy newspaper patronage, leading to a decline in sales and readership.

Online news platforms often provide news content for free, which attracts a significant portion of the population seeking accessible information without the need to buy a physical newspaper. This accessibility and cost-effectiveness contribute to the reduced demand for hardcopy newspapers. Online news platforms offer interactive elements like comment sections, multimedia content, videos, and live updates, which engage the audience more effectively than traditional print media. This dynamic and engaging format has proven more attractive to younger generations and urban dwellers, further influencing the decline of hardcopy newspaper readership.

With online news, individuals can access a wide range of news sources from across the globe. This diversity of perspectives and the ability to explore multiple viewpoints on various issues make online news more appealing to those seeking comprehensive and unbiased coverage. Online news platforms can publish breaking news instantaneously, while hardcopy newspapers have to wait until the next day to update their content. As a result, online news becomes the preferred choice for those who prioritize staying up-to-date with the latest developments.


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