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The study was on the thrust to investigate advertising strategy as a promotional tool in enhancing product acceptability with a particular focus on Ariel detergent. This study was anchored on Social Judgmental Theory since the acceptance of any advertising message needs to fall into one’s latitude of acceptance. The study finds out that advertising plays an important role in changing consumers’ behaviour and also provides new patterns for purchasing or using any type of product such as Ariel detergent. Advertising usually designs to inform potential consumers about products and services; their benefits and utilities. As a matter of fact, it is a mass persuasion activity duly sponsored by the manufacturers/ seller for whom the advertising is done. Aside from the above reasons, advertising is equally embarked on for one or some of these reasons “to the introduction of new product or service or brand, reminding consumers of an existing product, reinforcing product awareness, building product loyalty and increasing market share. It is very obvious that it is impossible to build a successful business without advertising. It is recommended that Ariel Detergent should try as much as possible to increase the use of social media for promoting their product especially Instagram as the majority of youth are online.


            Advertisement is one of the key elements for the development, expansion, and growth of the industrial sector and ultimately for economic development. Advertising campaigns are unavoidable by consumers in the 21st century. Researchers have studied and will continue to study the effects of advertising and its influence on attitudinal change, emotions, modification of lifestyle choices and its significant role in the consumption/ usage of goods and services (Akinrosoye, 2011).

            Advertising, over the years, has evolved into a powerful marketing tool in modern economics; advertising plays an important role in the growth of a business, expansion and competes favourably in the market or even dominating. It should be recalled that advertising is a persuasive non-personal communication about products, services, or ideas usually paid for by identified sponsors through various mass media. Today, individuals are exposed to advertisements everywhere (in the bus, walking around the street, on the highways, even while travelling, in the newspapers and on radio and television, SMS advertisements receive on our smartphones, mobile phones, email advert/marketing we get in our inbox and particularly when surfing the internet or playing game or in apps. 

            Thus, advertising is one of the ingredients in sustaining business whether the company is dealing with products or services. The entire business of a commercial organization or company starts and ends with advertising. That is to say, the rise and fall of the profit of a company depends solely on the expenditure incurred by the advertiser.

            However, an advertising strategy is a plan to reach and persuade a customer to buy a product or a service (Inc, n.d). Also, advertising strategy is a campaign’s overarching plan (Stan, 2013). Hitesh (2021) writes that advertising strategy can be defined as a step-by-step plan to reach customers and convince them to buy products. A well-planned advertising strategy not only conveys the benefits of a product but will also persuade customers to buy that product over competitors’ brands.

            According to Hitesh (2021), there are six (6) steps to creating advertising strategies adding that creating an advertising strategy is a creative process. The first step is to determine the purpose of advertising, the second and even crucial step in creating an effective advertising strategy is to determine the audience that you want to target using your advertising strategy i.e knowing the audience that you want to focus on makes your advertising strategy more effective. The next important step is to determine the budget for your advertising campaign. Once the product and target audience is determined, the next step that you are required to take is to choose the medium that you want to use to reach your audience. There are many advertising media such as print media (Newspapers, magazines, pamphlets, posters, banners, etc.), digital media (website advertising, social media advertising, world wide web, email advertising, youtube ads, Television ads.), direct mail, outdoor advertising ( billboards, advertising on public transportation like public buses and cabs) and radio advertising etc

            The next step is to implement the advertising strategy as planned. The implementation of advertising strategies is referred to as an advertising campaign. The last step is to measure the effectiveness of the advertising strategy. Whether the advertising strategy was successful or not will depend on the return on investment that you get by the implementation of an advertising strategy.

            It is against this backdrop that the study investigated advertising strategy as a promotional tool in enhancing product acceptability with a particular focus on Arial detergent.

Statement of the Problem

            For businesses to yield profit and survive in any competitive environment it need the help of advertising, as a result, advertisers employ lots of strategies and tactics to win the mind of consumers and use varieties of media ranging from traditional media to new media. Since advertising strategy and tactics is a plan to reach and persuade a customer to buy a product or service and a series or set of strategic methods or actions aimed at promoting a business’s goods or services.

            Unfortunately, despite the huge importance of advertising strategy and tactics to the overall advertising campaign, less research has been conducted most research focused on advertising generally especially in Nigeria, while most of the studies carried out on advertising strategy were done in foreign countries (Brink, Odekerken & Pauwels, 2006; (Lu, Gou, Tang & Zhang, 2016). and their findings cannot be effectively replicated in Nigeria. It is against this background that the study investigated advertising strategy as a promotional tool in enhancing product acceptability with a particular focus on Arial detergent.

Objectives of the Study

  1. To investigate the extent at which Arial detergent often advertises.
  2. To determine the type of media Arial Detergent frequently employ in advertising its product.
  3. To ascertain the extent at which Arial detergent influences the patronage of Arial detergent among Oduduwa University Students.



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