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(Last Updated On: 25th January 2023)


Technological determinism is a theory that suggests that technology shapes and controls society and human behavior. This theory argues that technology is the driving force behind social and economic change, and that society adapts to the technology that is available to it.

One of the main assumptions of technological determinism is that technology is an autonomous force, meaning that it has a life of its own and is not shaped by social or economic factors. According to this view, technology shapes society and culture, rather than the other way around.

Critics of technological determinism argue that this theory is overly simplistic and fails to take into account the complex ways in which technology and society interact. They argue that technology is not a neutral force, but rather is shaped by social and economic factors, and that technology can be used in different ways depending on the context in which it is used.

Some also argue that technological determinism is a form of technological fatalism, as it suggests that we are powerless to resist the effects of technology on society and culture, and that we must simply accept the changes that technology brings.

In reality, the relationship between technology and society is more complex and interactive. Technology does shape society and culture, but society and culture also shape technology.

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