No.1 Mass Communication Project Topics and Materials


(Last Updated On: 25th January 2023)


The deregulation of broadcast media in Nigeria began in 1992 with the passage of the Nigerian Broadcasting Commission Decree No. 38, which established the Nigerian Broadcasting Commission (NBC) as the regulatory body for the broadcast industry in Nigeria. The decree also abolished the monopoly of the Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) and allowed for the establishment of private broadcast stations.

In 2002, the Nigerian Communications Act was passed, which further deregulated the telecommunications and broadcasting sectors and established the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) as the regulatory body for both industries. This act also led to an increase in the number of private radio and television stations in the country

However, the Nigerian government has been criticized for not fully implementing the deregulation policies and for continuing to exert control over the broadcast media through the NBC and the NCC. Additionally, there have been concerns about media ownership and concentration, as a few large corporations own multiple stations, raising issues of diversity and independence in the Nigerian media landscape.

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