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Table of Contents                                                                                                                   

CHAPTER ONE: INTRODUCTION                                                                               

1.1       Background to the Study                                                                                            

1.2       Statement Problem                                                                                                      

1.3       Objectives of the Study                                                                                              

1.4       Research Questions                                                                                                    

1.5       Significance of the Study                                                                                           

1.6       Scope of the Study                                                                                                     

1.7       Operational Definition of Terms                                                                                 


2.0       Introduction                                                                                                                

2.1       Conceptual Review                                                                                                     

2.1.1    Concept of Music                                                                                                       

2.1.2    Advantages of Music                                                                                                 

2.1.3    Disadvantages of Music                                                                                            

2.1.4    Genre of Music                                                                                                          

2.1.5    Foreign Music                                                                                                            

2.1.6    History of Osun State University                                                                              

2.1.7    Influence of Foreign Music among Osun State University Students                       

2.2       Empirical Studies                                                                                           

2.2.1    Influence of Music as Tool for Promoting Moral Values                                          

2.2.3    The Influence of Film Music on Moral Judgments of                                              

2.3       Theoretical Framework                                                                                               

2.3.1    Cultivation Theory                                                                                                      

2.3.2    Social Learning Theory                                                                                              


3.1       Research Design                                                                                                        

3.2       Population of Study                                                                                                   

3.3       Sample Size                                                                                                               

3.4       Sampling Technique                                                                                                  

3.5       Data Collection Instruments                                                                                      

3.6       Validity and Reliability of Research Instrument                                                        

3.7       Method of Data Collection                                                                                      

3.8       Research Method                                                                                                    

3.9       Data Analysis Method                                                                                             


4.0       Introduction

4.1       Data Analysis of Demographical Variables

4.2       Discussion of Findings


5.0       Introduction

5.1       Summary

5.2.      Conclusions

5.3       Recommendations

5.4       Limitations to the Study                                                                                            





1.1       Background to the Study

The introduction of foreign music such as hip-hop, reggae, rock and roll, R&B, jazz, etc. into Nigeria has been a welcomed phenomenon, but some people think it has brought about a significant and unappealing change in the lives of the youth, insisting it is slowly but surely eradicating the Nigerian culture. This is due to the idea that the entire world is imitating America in many ways, and Nigeria is not an exception (Leadership Newspaper, 2014).

It is a well-known truth that young Nigerians regularly list Jay-Z and other international musicians as their favorite musicians in the twenty-first century. The rest of the world can now copy American music and create new cultural forms that emerge in music and identity. However, the title of Jay-Blueprint Z’s 2 album, “The Gift and The Curse,” is a fitting depiction of the delicate link between African American culture and Nigerian youth identity, which also has an impact on Nigerian popular music (Adeolu, 2011).

Many young individuals in Nigeria, as well as the elderly, now view themselves differently as a result of the foreign music culture. Many female musicians nowadays aspire to have careers similar to those of Beyonce, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, Nicky Minaj, etc. They disregard the type of society they are a part of and wear revealing clothing that reveals all of their natural assets. They wander around in shorts that could be mistaken for men’s undergarments. They dress inappropriately for the weather only to look cool, unlike their masculine counterparts. However, the individual styles of Nigerian musicians are still highly distinctive. For instance, Phyno has won over fans all over the world with his unique hairdo and tight clothes. Phyno is recognized for incorporating the Igbo dialect into his music.

On the other hand, Olamide, from the yoruba cultural setting, usually has a mix of western and local outlook in his dressing and this goes a long way to influence the lifestyle of their fans.

Many Nigerian artistes, as mentioned earlier, strive to be like foreign entertainers, at the expense of their own cultural values and modes of expression. When they put down lyrics, they are usually replete with words and expressions quite alien to the conservative society they belong. While technology has enhanced acceptability of otherwise strange phenomenon, many Nigerians frown at the continued denudation of our culture.

In Nigeria today, it is a known fact that music influence Nigerians and foreign music in particular, but it has often been an argument of the day to arrive at a conclusion of whether foreign music still influence Nigerian youth, as there are lots of Nigerian musicians especially hip hop artiste which many Nigerian youth now adore.

Although, critic like Reverend (1996), claimed that one of the reasons Nigerian youth started smoking and putting on kinds of dresses ‘ungodly’ is because of their exposure to foreign music. For example, skimpy dresses that showcase almost private bodies of females are the culture of the westerners portrayed and propagated through music and videos. Notwithstanding, it is against this backdrop that the study investigates the influence of foreign music on lifestyle of Nigerian youths

1.2       Statement of the problem

In Nigeria today, the youths have been brain-washed. They think more of other peoples’ culture particularly much which they watch on cable TV, watch on YouTube channels and downloaded. About 97 percent of such foreign music have violent and romantic traits. Many Nigerian youth get their phones and other personal digital assistants (PDAs) like MP3, Ipad loaded with thousands of foreign music which might contain thousand of death and heartbreaks, heard harsh and brutal languages “fuck you”, a son of bitch, nigger men and kiss my ass etc which have some negative effects on their lifestyle and the type of peers they keep.

Equally, there is little or no empirical studies that covers this area despite it unquantified effect on socio-cultural up bring out Nigeria youth. It is also believed to have influenced their dressing pattern which has contributed to behavioral changes in youths in general. Hence, it is against this backdrop that the study investigates the influence of foreign music on lifestyle of Nigerian youths.

1.3       Objective of the Study

The following are the objectives of this study:

  1. To examine the extent to which Osun State University students listen to foreign music.
  2. To examine the influence of foreign music on the lifestyle of Osun State University students.

1.4       Research Questions

  1. What are the extent to which Osun State University students listen to foreign music?
  2. What are the influence of foreign music on the lifestyle of Osun State University students?

1.5       Significance of the Study

It is expected that at the end of this study, it will update knowledge within the framework of the study. However, the study will specifically benefit the following

Youth/Students: The study will avail students/youth on the effect that exposed to foreign music can have on their lives.

Parents: The study outcome will educate Nigerian parents on the influence of the foreign music on the lifestyle on their youngsters.

Government: The government through its various regulating bodies such as National Film And Video Censors Board ( NFVCB) will design measures to checkmate the influx of foreign music especially the bad ones into the country.

Researchers: This research will also serve as a resource base to other scholars and researchers interested in carrying out further research in this field, if applied will go to an extent to provide new explanation to the topic.

1.6       Scope of the study

The study which investigates the influence of foreign music on lifestyle of Nigerian youths has been narrowed to Osun State University. Hence, the geographical scope of this study shall be within Osun State University Osogbo Campus.

The choice of Osun State University, Osogbo Campus is due to its proximity to the researcher, inadequate time to study all tertiary institutions in Osun State among other logistics. Also, the demographic variables of the respondents will be carefully studied before the administration of research instruments (questionnaire) such factors include: age, gender, academic level e.t.c

1.7       Operational Definition of Terms

Influence: In this research, effect refers to how foreign music influence students of Osun State University lifestyle.

Foreign Music: This refers to music song by musicians other than Nigeria. Such as music by Michael Jackson, Rihanna, Shakira, Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa

Osun State University Students: In this study, Osun State University students, are students of Osun State University especially Osogbo campus.


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