No.1 Mass Communication Project Topics and Materials

New Mass Communication Project Topics

(Last Updated On: 26th July 2022)

Below are some of the New Mass Communication Project Topics. These topics are currently being work on, however, if you need any of them, let us know. Meanwhile, these New Mass Communication Project Topics are not 5000 ooo; let us chat to know price for each Topic.

New Mass Comnicaroject Topics

  1. Influence of Lush Hair Television Advert on the Patronage of the Product among Female Unilag Students

  2. Preference of Zeeworld and Nollywood Movies among University of Jos Students

  3. Social Media Influencers as Emerging Marketing Strategy for Brand Promotion

  4. Influence of Social Media Influencers as Emerging Marketing Strategy for Brand Promotion

  5. PERCEPTION of Students Towards Cybercrime in Nigeria

  6. Effect of Fake Advertisement on the Buying Habits of Consumers in Uyo Metropolis

  7. Online Advertising on the Buying Habits of Students in Uniuyo

  8. Impact of hate Speech on Nigeria Democracy ( A case study of Alimosho L.G Residents, Lagos State

  9. Influence of Fake and Hate Speech on the Voting Behaviour of Sango Residents, Ibadan

  10. Sustenance of mass media industry: A critical role of advertising (Case Study of NTA Channel 5 and TVC Lagos.

  11. Influence of Foreign Music on the Lifestyles of Students in Uniport

  12. Influence of Nigeria Hip-Hop Music on Students Lifestyles among Unilag

  13. Preference of Nigerian Students Between Nigeria Hip-Hop Music and Foreign Hip-Hop

  14. Influence of Big Brother Naija on Students Sexual Orientation

  15. Impact of Social Media in Creating Awareness and Reporting on Domestic Violence

  16. Attitude and Perception of Nigerians Towards Vote Buying Campaigns

  17. Increasing Use of TikTok among Nigerians and Its Influence in Videos Sharing

  18. Preference of Instagram and TikTok among Students in Nigeria

  19. Influence of Television in Promoting Premier League and UEFA Champion League among Youths

  20. Influence of Television Advertisement on the Choice of Sanitary Pads among Female Undergraduate Students of Uniuyo

  21. Fack Checking as Tool For Enhancing News Credibility among Citizen Journalists

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