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Abstract: The study assesses the effective communication on organizational efficiency using Osun State University as a case study. Communication is the basis of human interaction and development since no human being can survive in isolation from others. However, effective communication fosters unity, understanding and general development in the organization. System Theory and Communication Processing Theory was also adopted. A survey research method as a quantitative design was used coupled with questionnaires were adopted to elicit data from the respondents within Osun State University who were mainly students, teaching and non-teaching staffs that were drawn using a simple random sampling technique. The data collected were analysed and interpreted using table coupled with a simple frequency and percentage method of statistics. It is recommended that Osun State University through the public relations unit is expected to have a page or group or room on social media like Facebook and Twitter which shall be solely managed by the Public relations department or Unit of the institution or any other authorized body or person. Such group could be titled “Welcome to Osun State University”, “UniOsun Connect”, e.t.c while the approval of members shall base on proper verification. Also, suggestion boxes are expected to be placed in some strategic locations within the campus and Public relations and students affairs should regularly check them.



1.0       Introduction

1.1       Background to the Study

No single organization can boast of its success or survival for another year; if it fails to manage the human, material and other resources carefully and judiciously. Also, there is no amount of funds used in establishing a firm and without adequate management, it will run out crash in due time. The foremost resource to manage and ensure they are in good condition and shape is human resources because they make other resources (material, financial and other resources) works.

This human resource is an invaluable asset to every organisation willing to succeed. It can be internal and external public or internal and external community. An organisation like Uniosun has several publics it deals with such publics includes but not limited to the staff (full time and causal), management team, government agencies (JAMB, NECO, NABTEB, etc).

It is internal when it involves people employed by a firm or members of an organization and they are intimately related to the functioning of the organisation such as the full-time staff, casual staff, management staff and company executive. While the external public or external community are that public that is not from within the organisation but from external whose activities may have an impact on the activities of the organisation such as government and its agencies, customers and contractors etc (Ogbiten, 2014).

To achieve effective and dynamic workflow in an organisation, the management team or business owner must decide which of the type of public relations should be adopted i.e in-house style or external style otherwise known as consultancy firm because both come with lots of advantages and disadvantages. Communication is an essential tool in human society but people hardly recognize its merit in our day to day activities. For a successful implementation of programme one needs to interact with one another. In the management of any business, communication is a means by which ideas, thoughts and views are passed from management to staff and vice-versa.

Human development and interactions depend on communication and without communication man cannot survive in society since no man can live in isolation from others. Communication as a process of exchanging ideas, attitudes, feelings and information through an appropriate channel from one person to the other is a basis for every human endeavour; it prompts people to act and think in certain ways and touches every sphere of human activity (Silver 2000).

Also, in any organization, the aim and objective is to maximize profit as much as possible and this can only be achieved if there is effective communication between the management staff and the workers. According to Chapel and Read (2004) communication has become more necessary in an organization just as production and distribution have become necessary and if communication is effective it saves time and increases output in a business organization.

Communication is effective only when the message sent has been successfully received, decoded and understood. Communication is the bridge between the management, employees and the general public. With this research work, the management of the company will be able to see how communication can increase the productivity and profitability of a company.

Also, it will help to see how information flows between the management and the entire employees and vice-versa assist in making a quick management decisions. It is, therefore, necessary for effective interaction in an organization, both among themselves and with others that are dealing with their company. The inference here is that communication breakdown is the single greatest barrier to corporate excellence. To avert this, conventional Industrial Relations see effective channels of communication (between the employer and its managers on one hand, and the employees and their representatives on the other hand) as essential for eliminating misunderstandings and ultimately the industrial conflicts.

 Effective communication thus becomes one of the basic ingredients needed for the safe-piloting of organizations since it has been acknowledged that conflict is inevitable in any organization. From time to time with the workforce, regular interactive relationship between the superiors and the subordinates arid within the superiors as well as within the subordinates effective communication is seen as a genuine panacea for industrial harmony and better ground for the realization of the organization’s objectives.

Over the years, communication experts have realized that effective communication is fundamental to the survival of organizations and it is c1assfied as an important element of human beings besides the physical requirements of food and shelter. It is against this background that this study assesses effective communication on organisational efficiency (A case study of Osun State University).

1.2       Statement of the Problem

One of the challenges facing communication in an organization is communication auditing which is missing seriously in most organisations. Just as financial account auditing is important in an organization, communication auditing is equally important. Many managers and top management teams especially in government firms strongly feel that whatever they are doing is the final since they are in the highest rank office and not carrying junior staff under them along in decision making.

While many organizations neither create room nor are interested in knowing the feelings of both their internal and external publics. It is against this background that this research tries to find out the impact of communication on an organisation’s efficiency. Other things to note are the nature and type of communication system within Osun State University community. What is the level of effectiveness and efficiency of communication in an organization? It is against this background that the study assesses the effective communication on organisational efficiency (A case study of Osun State University).

1.3       Objectives of the Study

  1. To ascertain the extent to which Osun State University create room for the internal and external public to express their feeling.
  2. To determine some of the challenges facing Osun State University in achieving effective communication.

1.4       Research Questions

  1. To what extent does Osun State University create room for the internal and external public to express their feeling?
  2. What are the challenges facing Osun State University in achieving effective communication?

1.5       Scope of the Study

The research assesses the effective communication on organisational efficiency has been narrowed in scope through the case study of Osun State University community. Since it will be very difficult if not impossible to study all organizations in Nigeria due to the time available to carry out this research, fund, materials, geographical structure of Nigeria and other considerable factors.

Therefore, the concept of communication, type of communication in an organization, the benefit of communication, the effect of poor communication and many will be discussed. However, the findings of this research will be generalized to all other organizations particularly in an academic environment.

1.6       Significance of the Study

Study of this nature will be beneficial to a large number of individuals in companies and future researchers. This work when completed will help companies organizations and industries to know the importance of communication in all their daily activities, how to communicate effectively and the need to get feedback from all their communication.

Future researchers will find this report useful to guide them and serve as a starting point while writing projects, research and other work relating to this.

Finally, the research will form part of academic work that will contribute to the existing knowledge in the field of mass communication, public relations, business administration etc.

Communication students without double will gain from this piece to know what is expected of them as a communicator and public relations officer, media assistance, e.t.c in an organization, how to achieve effective communication and ways to curb crisis in an organization using various communication strategies and media.

1.7      Operational Definition of Terms

Communication: This is a process of sharing, passing and exchange of information ideas, concepts, feeling etc between and among members of an organization.

Organization Efficiency: This means quality and efficient good rapport, good interaction, therefore industrial harmony mean industrial peace, industrial good report between staff, management, students of UNIOSUN

UNIOSUN: This refers to the Osun State University, Osogbo

Organization: This is a group of people coming together with a particular purpose or common goals such as Osun State University, Osogbo.

Feedback: This is a term peculiar to communication which means the ability of the receiver to send back what he/she understand (how it feels) about the message received from the sender.



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