Even though primitive, life was simple and less demanding prior to the arrival of modern technology and scientific advances. Men and women engage in activities that occupy their time while still allowing them to rest. Children of that era were more responsible because they had few options for entertainment other than reading moonlight stories (Uganwa, 2009).

            The emergency of technology and various types of electrical facilities or equipment drastically transformed and improved the condition of living. The pleasures that this generation enjoys were not available to previous generations, despite the fact that it is not without their drawbacks. Modern technology brings with it a lot of pleasure, convenience, and ease of life, as well as disengagement, distraction, and calamity. Home video is one of the most fascinating and exciting innovations of modern technology. Today, almost no home is complete without a television.           

            Unfortunately, individuals are caught away by the pleasures of television without questioning the detrimental impact of television on our lives, particularly among young people. A situation in which young people might spend three to four hours watching television movies or videos could support the fact that young people’s viewing of home videos/movies has resulted in a slew of undesirable habits and behaviours. Many teenagers and youngsters in most houses have their eyes glued to the television, watching a variety of films. Some of these films may have a negative impact on their emotional, psychological, moral, and cognitive development. The prevalence of immoral behaviour among youths has been linked with the types of programmes/movies they view.

            The BBN show is neither a talent show nor a life-improvement show. It’s rather irritating that it’s a show where adults, particularly young people with moral weaknesses, are kept in one place, celebrating every form of sexual immorality and deprivation with impunity on national television, losing all sense of shame for a few hundred dollars, while the organizers smile to their banks in billions, having extorted from them. Every religion is predicated on basic moral concepts, and the BBN program probes our morals as well as the fundamentals of our religious doctrines. BBN simply reawakens one’s pathological desire.

            Big Brother Naija (BBN) show is the enthronement of immorality, reflected in dirty romance and all types of sexual rakishness and indulgence, mediocrity, and a bad value system, according to Jude and Anthony (2019). Big Brother Naija, or BBN in the contemporary media entertainment industry, is a show that demonstrates a profound lack of human worth and dignity, as well as a complete lack of shame and basic human principles.

            The impact of the Big Brother Naija reality show on Nigerian teenagers’ lifestyles is multifaceted. Young people who should be engaged in productive tasks are drawn to such shows in the hopes of making quick money and gaining recognition. Youth mentality deviates in this way from academic endeavours to ostensibly shortcuts that demand just as much effort, if not more, than the traditional paths.

            Glamour, filtrations, obscene acts, promiscuity, envy, strife, and other difficult subjects are all present in shows like Big Brother Naija. These are intended to stir up controversy and, as a result, popularity, which promotes unethical and immoral behaviour. Humans are more affected by bad behaviour than positive behaviour, hence these programs provide an ideal setting for the spread of the aforementioned behaviour.

            One of Big Brother Naija’s unmistakable effects is that it encourages voyeurism. As a result, they will use partial nudity, blurred or not, skimpily clothed girls, revealing camera angles, and other methods to titillate and sustain the audience’s interest. Voyeurism arouses more lust, and some people indulge in sex, torture, and other inappropriate behaviour in order to satisfy it.

            Big Brother Naija has the evident impact of wasting time and energy for both the competitors and, most importantly, the viewers. Big Brother Naija is merely another form of entertainment that wastes the time of many young people.

Problem Statement

            Television, unlike other media of mass communication, is considered to be the most convincing medium, due to its ability to match sight with sound in delivering its content. This makes it the most impressionable media, it can be successful in winning, influencing and youths and adolescents.

               As a dominant force in audiovisual entertainment, reality TV programmes draw larger viewing audiences than standard programmes. However, it seems some of these shows have little to do with reality. The fact remains that reality TV programmes have negative effects for viewers and participants alike with a very little positive side. However, Big Brother Naija reality show is not an exemption in regards to the problems or negative effects of reality shows.

            Unfortunately, there is a less empirical study on the effect of Big Brother Naija reality show on youth particular on students and as a result, there is a need to investigate the effect of Big Brother Naija on the lifestyle of youth especially students of tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

Objectives of the Study

  1. To examine whether Novana University students expose to Big Brother Naija Show.
  2. To investigate the extent at which Big Brother Naija negatively affect the lifestyle of youth.

Research Questions

  1. To what extent does Novana University students expose to Big Brother Naija Show?
  2. To what extent has Big Brother Naija negatively affect the lifestyle of youth?

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