How vanquished the mankind feels in front of virus that geminates Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)?. As AIDS is no longer a news but has become a seriously socio-economic and developmental concern, causing local and global attention. It should be recalled that HIV/AIDS broke out in 1980s and the epidemic spread quickly among the gay & homosexual people in North America, Europe and Australia and later through share of drugs, needles resulted in AIDS in Africa and Asia. Today, AIDS has become a global disease will lots of implications.

            Human Immune Deficiency Virus and Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (HIV/AIDS) disease is a common disease in our society and there is no part of the world where it has not records its victims. This incurable disease is very deadly if anyone contracted it. No drug has been identified since it was discovered except antiretroviral medicine which is said could only slow down the growth process of the virus making it difficult for it to replicate/multiply itself. Information says there is no cure for HIV/AIDS once it is in the body. Once infected, the virus stays in the body till death. 

            According to UNICEF, (2017), HIV/AIDS is on high increase in Nigeria. Earlier efforts by the Nigeria government to prevent the spread of the virus was the inauguration of National Agency for the Control of AIDS (formerly National Action Committee on AIDS) was established in February 2000 to coordinate the various activities of HIV/AIDS in the country. Among other purposes, NACA’s mandates are to:

  1. Coordinate and sustain advocacy by all sectors and at all levels for HIV/AIDS/STDs Expanded Responses in Nigeria;
  2. Develop the framework for collaboration and support from all stakeholders for a multi-sectoral and multi-disciplinary response to HIV/AIDS in Nigeria;
  • Develop and present to the Presidential Council on AIDS, PCA, all plans on HIV/AIDS in Nigeria for policy decisions etc

          Meanwhile, one of the strategies to keep the awareness flowing is to integrate mass media especially radio into NACA campaign strategies due to radio capacity of reaching large heterogeneous group of people. Through mass media lots of people are now aware of HIV/AIDS, the causes and the way out.   (extraction)


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