No.1 Mass Communication Project Topics and Materials


(Last Updated On: 30th November 2022)


It should be recalled that public relations is a deliberate planned and sustained efforts to establish and maintain mutual understanding between an organisation and it publics. It means that an organisation, individual or institution has so many publics that it deals with at one time or the other and this publics can be reached through different platform depend on the issue, problem or condition necessitate the communication or interaction.

For the fact that public relations has to communication to the organisation, individual or institution public it does this by writing or present it by spoken whichever way it is called public relations copy.  

Therefore, public relation copy can be defined as any written or graphics material produced for a public relations purpose. The purpose may be to announce the launching of a new product, ceo, to misconceptions about an organisation’s policy, to educate the workers about management’s position or to invite members of the press to a news conference.

Public relations copy or writing may be in form of news release (press release), feature article, script for documentary/film, speech, pictures with caption or cutline, invitation, memo, letter etc 

  1. Press release:
  2. Speech writing:
  3. Press conference:
  4. Rejoinder:
  5. Media tour, Press Visit and Media Visit
  6. Backgrounders or Information kit:
  7. Supplementary publications/ House Journal:
  8. Letters:
  9. Video film and slide presentations:
  10. Features Article:

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