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INTRODUCTION: The emergence of Corona-virus as a global pandemic is of paramount concern to the world and researchers in particular as a result, libraries on daily bases witness influx of researches (Annune, Agoh & Annune, 2020). The coronavirus disease otherwise known as (COVID-19) is an infectious and transmitted disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus. It was first reported by WHO on the 31st of December 2019 and the virus emerged from Wuhan, China.

The cause of the disease was soon confirmed as a novel coronavirus, and the infection has since spread to many countries worldwide and has become a pandemic disease (Araz & Hersh, 2020). Several websites and mass media have disseminated information about COVID-19 and have given different instructions to their audience about ways to prevent the spread of the virus, such as keeping a distance between themselves and others, using masks, and washing their hands or using alcohol base hand sanitizer.

However, Nigeria Center for Disease Control  (NCDC,  2020)  affirmed  that, Corona-virus  is  a new  strain  of  the  virus  that  has not  been  previously  identified inhuman beings. They advanced that, SARS-Cov-2 is the virus that causes corona-virus disease 2019 (COVID-19). This disease was initially named as the 2019-novel corona-virus (2019-nCoV) on 12 January 2020  but  was  later  officially  named  by  World  Health  Organization  (WHO)  as  corona-virus disease  2019  (COVID-19). Although, Annune Agoh & Annune (2020) cited in  Guo etal,  (2020)  stated  that,  Corona-virus  Study Group (CSG)  of  the  Inter-national  Committee  proposed  to  name  the  new  Corona-virus  as SARS-CoV-2,  both  was  issued  on  11  February  2020.

Medical experts noted that the virus transmit to another person when  an individual comes in contact with an infected person, there are high chances of an individual becoming a victim and the end result in most cases is death as no vaccine has being discovered yet until recent when there are lots of emerging  vaccines. As a result, governments adopt sensitization and awareness creation as tools to curb the spread of this notorious COVID-19 (Araz & Hersh, 2020).

Annune Agoh & Annune (2020) cited in WHO (2020), noted that Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is a flu-like illness caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome. It  is  an  unknown  acute  respiratory disease  that spreads mainly through  the  respiratory  tract  killing  thousands  of  people  across the  nations,  countries  and  continents. 

NCDC (2020) affirmed that the Federal Ministry of Health confirmed the first case of COVID19 on 27th February 2020 in Lagos adding that the victim was Italian citizen but work in Nigeria who returned from Milan, Italy. His case was confirmed by Virology Laboratory of the Lagos University Teaching Hospital. It should be noted that coronavirus case across the globe is high as 127,519,788 out of which 2,792,568 deaths is recoded while 102,778,857 recovered.

According to NCDC (2021) coronavirus case across Nigeria is 162,641, 150,466 have been discharged whereas 2049 have dead from COVID19 complication out of a total of 1,767,694 sampled. Lagos, FCT, Plateau, Kaduna, Rivers, Oyo, Edo, Ogun, Kano, Ondo and Kwara states were that states mostly affected (NCDC, 2021). It should be noted that as of 29th, March 2021 NCDC confirmed 48 cases. ( extraction)

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