This study examined the influence of human resource on productivity of an organization with specific on Nigeria Tobbaco Company Ltd. For any business to grow and succeed, there is need to manage human and material resources. Human resources management is the hallmark of an organization most especially in profit making firms. The study was anchored on System Theory and Theory X and Y. This study adopted research survey research method coupled with 100 copies of questionnaire and 90 copies were returned. The data were analysed using frequency and percentage method. The main findings of the study is that human resources department plays a vital role to improve organizational profitability as it contributes to the quality of product of Nigeria Tobacco while the challenges facing human resources management in achieving effective organization are fund, organizational policy, corruption and leadership problem. It is recommended that training and development must also be used as a means of promoting workers, this will make the employees to find means of developing themselves and this will increase their knowledge and skills which will eventually increase the profitability of the company.


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