The study appraised of smartphone as an effective feedback instrument using Unique FM 103.1, Ilesha as a reference point. Feedback makes communication a continuous process, as it has the capacity to change the course and pattern of communication encountered between persons or among individuals. Feedback is a very important yardstick for measuring audience acceptance and participation in programmes. The study was anchored on Gatekeeping Theory. Survey research method was adopted coupled with questionnaire as data collection instrument in eliciting data needed from the sample. The sample was drawn using sample random sampling. The data collected were analysis using frequency and percentage. Findings show that smartphone has enhanced the effectiveness of media programmes. Also, most of the media houses are now making use of various devices to collect feedback from their audience ranging from mobile phone, e-mail, and to the recent social media. The study recommended that attention should be paid towards packaging of phone-in programmes which will serve as a means of audience participation as this will encourage listeners to participate fully in programme.

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