The study assessed the influence of internet on the practice of journalism especially its positive influence on traditional mass media in today’s practice particularly in gathering and dissemination of information. The internet embedded with some facilities or applications like: electronic mail, social media, search engines, video conferencing, video call, chart room, video phone and lots more has changed the conventional face and practice in old mass media. The study was anchored by Technology Determinism Theory and Social Viral Model. Survey research method coupled with questionnaire to elicit data from the respondents within journalists in Osun state were adopted. Simple random sampling method was used to select respondents. The data was analysis using frequency and percentage method. Findings show that most of the journalists have a personal computer while journalists use computer/internet in its media outfit. Similarly, journalists have cyber café within the media outfits which has enhanced the performance and improve news gathering and process to a large extent. Smartphone and social media have been adopted as feedback mechanism in its daily activities. The study recommended that journalists should always use multiple sources to confirm information got online.


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