The study investigated the effectiveness of Facebook in awareness campaign and curbing of covid-19 amidst Ikeja LGA residents. It is not an overstatement that during the outbreak of Coronavirus lots of people were restless and panicking about the virus as a result people were focusing on how to prevent the virus since there was not vaccine for the virus until recent when there are emerging vaccines. The study is anchored on Source Credibility and Technology Determinism and Theory. Survey research method was adopted in which questionnaire were administered to 384 respondents using Krejcie & Morgan formula to derived the sample size. The data collected was analyzed using descriptive statistics with emphasis on frequency and percentage method. The finds of the study revealed that Facebook was and is still effective during the outbreak of COVID19 as substantial number of respondent are very agreed that Facebook was effective in creating awareness campaign and curb the spread of COVID 19. Also, respondents have positive attitude about COVID19 awareness on Facebook. Facebook is highly use to get COVID19 information, it is not an overstatement that it is true that Facebook has helped in curbing the spread of COVID-19 while the major challenge during the outbreak of COVID19 include fake news, information overload and electricity. The study recommended that social media especially Facebook should develop good skills and bear in mind the ethics and law that associated with writing and publishing in order to disassociate themselves from those who will be publishing, sharing unverifiable information that can cause disasters. Stakeholders should development proactive and responsive programmes to prevent, create awareness and educate people before and during the outbreak of any disease such as COVID-19 in order for people to prepare ahead and prevent such phenomena.

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