The study investigated the effectiveness of detergent advertisement on students buying habit. The research was anchored on Uses and Gratifications and Perception Theories apart from the depth of conceptual review and empirical studies. Advertisement has influenced the purchasing power by lure consumers towards buying goods. The study adopted Survey research method while the research used questionnaire as data collection instrument. The data collected was analyzed using Descriptive Statistics (Frequency and Percentage) method. Finding shows that students like Good Mama and Clean Detergents, Most of the respondents (91.5%) have high exposure to detergents advertisement while majority of the respondents exposed to detergents adverts on social media (29.%) and TV (27.6%) followed by billboard (20.7%). Also, substantial number of respondents (78%) said detergents advertising influence respondent on their purchasing decision highly. It was recommended that advert should defogged of deceived so that students can make the right choice. Students of advert and marketing be thought especially on the Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) especially to ensure understanding of the new media among others. Companies should watch over some sites that may be using their name or related to dupe people online, for instance, there was a time when someone imitate Shell Oil website where he was offering job application after which he asked each applicant to pay sum of 2000 into a bank account to get a pass for an interview. After sometime, it was discovered that it was a fraudster site. 

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