The study investigated the impact of smartphones on news gathering and reporting by Journalists in Kwara State. There is no gain saying that smartphone aids news reporting especially that smartphone has become tool in hand of journalists in 21 the century. Apart from the fact that it helped in news gathering, it equally aids news editing, sharing the information, lesser noise and more meaningful interaction. The research is anchored on Technological Acceptance Model (TAM). The study used a survey research method while questionnaire was used as data collection instrument of which 148 questionnaire was administered to 148 registered journalists in Kwara state. The data collected was analysis using descriptive statistics (frequency and percentage method using SPSS version 23. Findings of the study showed that respondents significantly make use of smartphones. Also, respondents significant level of usage of smartphones for news gathering and reporting is high especially in accessing the internet to get information and check facts. The study recommended that media organisations should further encourage the use of technological gadget in the likes of smartphones, so as to be technologically abreast in this information and communication technology world, symposium and seminar should be organised to further intimate journalists on the optimum use of the smartphone to get the best of journalism off it, and also encourage the appropriate use of the relevant functions of smartphones as storage for important document is found to be least usage of smartphone amidst journalists in Kwara state.

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