The basic thrust of this research was to examine the attitude and perception of Undergraduates towards Film or in-film advertisement using Al-hikmah University students as case study. It was observed that for any organization either profit making or non-profit making to succeed in this competitive society, the need for extra ordinary advertising approach, strategies and tactics need not to be overemphasized and film advert is one of the approach. Survey research method was adopted coupled with 120 copies of questionnaires that were administered to the respondents who were selected via probability technique (simple random method) and 110 copies were retrieved. The frequency and percentage method of data analysis was used.  However, from the findings, it is obvious that in film advertising has done lots of good things for advertisers and commercials because it helps reach the targeted youth audience while Al-hikmah University students considered brand placement in the movies an effective advertising channel because it is catchy in nature. It was recommended that advertisers or advert agencies should be aware that most of the film lovers are kids, adolescents and youths therefore, advertisers should avoid the use of raw or picture that can have negative effect on children, indolence and youth mental and social behavior.

KEYWORDS: Attitude, Perception, Undergraduates, Film Advertisement and Al-Hikmah University

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