The research examined the role of public relations in building corporate image of Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC). The study was justified with the use of Model of Public Relations by Grunig and Hunt with emphasis on the Two Way Systematic Model because it is appears more effective and accurate especially in gaining how an organization is perceived by the public. Survey research method was employed while respondents were drawn using purposive sampling based on convenience to pick 200 respondents within staff and customers from which 184 copies were correctly filled and analysed using frequency and percentage table method with SPSS version 20. Findings show that 77.5% were not aware and feel the impact of PRs of AEDC but larger percentage (87.5%) said there is need for PRs in an organisation particularly in AEDC and even if AEDC has PRs Department, 76% submitted that AEDC has not fully utilised them in building good rapport with customers leading to poor image experienced by the organisation. Also, 71% of the respondents expected AEDC to supply adequate electricity to the customers because 94% of the respondents maintained that AEDC has not live up to the expectation of its customers especially in the area of electricity supply and customer relations. It is recommended that PRs Unit of the AEDC should be well equipped with tools and personnel not only those with traditional media orientation and background but also those that can manipulate, relate and integrate new media for the PRs purposes while PRs should take their time in knowing and identifying their target public by conducting a demography survey and analyse them this will enable them shoot the target.
Keywords: Public Relations, Corporate Image, Abuja Electricity Distribution Company

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