The study was basically developed to examine the application or Influence of media ethics in news gathering with a case study of Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ). The objective was to discover whether NUJ  uphold ethical standards like fairness, accuracy, balance, rejection of brown envelope, non disclosure of source of vital information and many others in its daily assignment or not. Ethical standard in journalism was developed to ensure good conduct and accord respect for journalism and practitioners. Findings shows that the NUJ do uphold ethical standard in its day to day activities with 67% of the respondents attested to this fact. Survey research method was adopted and questionnaires were administered. Simple random sampling technique was also adopted to select respondents. Data analysis and interpretations of findings done with frequency and percentage method of data analysis was used. It is recommended that Media houses (NUJ) should increase the salary of their workers and paid them on time while regular allowance should be made available for them. Trainings and workshops are to be organized regularly to train and re-orientate their workers to uphold ethical standard.

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