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The Future of Globalization

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The Future of Globalization

INTRODUCTION: Although, lots have been said about globalization by various experts, researchers and scholars locally and internationally. Also, the two sides of globalizations (pro and anti-globalisation views) made it easy to predict the future of globalization and this future predictions is also taking two sides like every aspect of globalization (positive and negative).

However, one of the earlier scholars who predicted and forecasted the future of globalization is Bryan S. Turner in his paper titled “The Futures of Globalization”. Turner looked at the concept of globalization from the sociological point of view with specific interest in the past, present and particularly what should be expected in the future of globalization.

He sees world as a singular system (global community/village) which means that event happening elsewhere will be affecting people everywhere ( take a look at Coronavirus issue) because, the national borders have been blurred and will continue to be eliminated completely. Therefore, an event happening in the far Asia may have socio-cultural, economy and political implications on countries in Africa (Covid-19). The compression of the world through globalization has a lot of consequences and Turner sees more negative than positive.

Turner stressed that globalization will increase the social impact of technological change. Global social change will be increasingly negative, because it will magnify entropic waste. He explained the future of globalization under the following sub-headings:

  1. Bio-Economic Globalisation: The Gerontological Revolution i.e living forever proposal
  2. Bio-Economic Globalisation: Global Infectious Diseases such as Covid-19
  3. Organ Transplanting, Organ Harvesting and Organ Marketing
  4. Cultural Globalization: Religion and the Clash of Civilizations
  5. Techno-Military Globalization: Terrorism and New wars
  6. Political Globalization: The Juridical Revolution
  7. Globalisation and Environmental Implications
  8. Lack of Effective Global Governance

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