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Bibliography of Media Ecology

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ABSTRACT: This paper examines the Media Ecology which is the study of the impact of media and technology on the culture and society. It is a concept that focuses on media as environment. Media ecology has drawn a lot of scholars from different field of studies ranging from communication, biology, anthropology, sociology, economics, linguistics, theology and even political science, this list of scholars shows their different relevance to media ecology through their different life endeavors. Scholars of media ecology such as Marshall McLuhan, Neil Postman, Walter Ong, Lance Strate, Harold innis, Edmund carpenter, Eric Havelock, Jack goody, Paul levinson. Jacques Ellul, Schwartz, Logan, Frank, Derrick de Kerckhove and so on. Media ecology is a metadiscipline that deals with the study of a complex set of relationships or interrelationships between symbols, media and culture. The word ecology implies the study of environments and their interrelationships: content, structure, and social impact. A media environment is one that derives from the interrelationships between man and the different communication technologies such as: books, radio, television and internet. This work set out to identify the various scholars that have contributed in the trajectory and development of media ecology. Today, we now have other emerging concept as news ecology and news  ecosystem.

KEYWORDS: Media Ecology, Technology, Environment, Media Ecology Association

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