Writing research reports is not a new phenomenon but, rather an integral part of scholarship, industrial and academic world.  Carrying out a research is not completed until it is reported or disseminated in order for others to benefit i.e the need to communicate their research work or studies to other interested parties in the form of; conference/seminar/workshop papers; as articles in journals or magazines; reports to funding agencies and thesis or dissertation for degrees in tertiary education institutions.

            Thus, writing research reports is a necessity among under graduate, post graduate students, academics, industry professionals and researchers.

            Also, one of the characteristics of a research is that it must be “organized” and in order to make a research well organized, it must be reported carefully. Writing research reports often influence by the nature of research, guidelines of institutions or organizations requiring them.

Objectives of Writing Research Report

There are lots of objectives for writing research reports but for the purpose of this assignments few will be mentioned:

  1. The core purpose of a research report is to communicate it to others people who may benefits from it
  2. To serve as bulk literature or empirical studies available in the aspect of study which others may use as reference material or start point.
  3. Because research cyclical in nature, suggestions and recommendations offers by earlier researchers may be the beginning of another research problem for other.
  4. To know what has been done and gaps in the area of the study.
  5. It helps reduce duplication of research efforts.

What Research Reports Must Explain

Essex University, (2016). Explains that research reports must explain to others the following

  1. What was done?
  2. Why it was done?
  3. How it was done?
  4. What was found?
  5. What it means?

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