Influence of Social Media on Covid19 Pandemics in Nigeria

The study was set out to examine the influence of Social Media on Covid19 Pandemics in Nigeria. It should be noted that social media were used not only by Students but also among youth during the outbreak of the Coronavirus to be updated. The study was anchored on Technological Determinism Theory, Agenda Setting Theory and Social Cognitive Learning Theory. Survey research methodSurvey research method as a quantitative method was adopted for this study. Questionnaire was used to elicit responses from the respondents that were drawn. The research use Non-probability sampling technique ( Purposive Sampling). The data collected was analysed using Descriptive Statistics ( Frequency and Percentage) method. The study administered 300 Questionnaire of 150 female and another 150 male respondents making 300 respondents that were selected. The number of retrieved copies of questionnaire was 283, representing 94.3% response rate. Finding shows that, all respondents used social media for update about the Coronavirus. The researcher recommended that people should always verify information they got from social media while they should only pay attention to credible sources so as not to be misled.

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