How to Write An Abstract

An Abstract summarize project or research. Abstract is like a book preface. It gives a clue to what contains in a project or research. Beautifully written abstract tells everything about a project or research.

An abstract come as a short summary of your (published or unpublished) research, usually about one paragraph of 6-7 sentences, usually about 150-3150-300 words.

To write a befitting abstract the writer must ensure that the abstract contains as much as possible relevant information. A typical abstract must have the following. The title of the work, a research question, the Theory or theories, the research method (s), the data collection instrument(s),the data analysis method, major finding or findings, major conclusion and major recommendation.

Just as the title of a work is important so as the abstract. Mere looking at abstract, one should know everything about the project or research paper.

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