Big, Small and Medium Enterprises and individuals are now promoting their products and services on online especially on Facebook because 40% of the people in world are now online and because facebook is the second most visited website after according to Alexa ranking. It was on this notion that the research assessing the popularity of Facebook advertising in Osun State Polytechnic, Iree. Survey research method was adopted while questionnaire was adopted for gathering data. Multistage sampling method as probability sampling technique was used to select respondents. Two hundred and fifty (250) respondents were drawn among the students. The data collected were analysed in frequency and percentage method. Findings show that majority of the respondents were aware of buying and selling via facebook and in other online platforms, though few respondents buy or patronized facebook products and services. It further that the major challenge hampering facebook users to patronise products and services advertised are insecurity, lack of trust and high presence of online scammers whereas convenience, time saving, inavailability of such products/services in their area were some of the reasons for online shopping. It is recommended that all efforts should be developed to ensure that fraud is minimized to the barest minimum, so that people especially, the internet users can have a rest of mind to shop online and receive their products and services.

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