This study examined the Role of nollywood in promoting national unity and development. Survey research methodology was adopted while one hundred copies of questionnaire were administered to the selected respondents within Movie Industries and movie viewers in Osun State Polytechnic, Iree. Findings have established that Nigeria home movie industries are promoting our cultural values, it builds youths talents. Also, poor funding of movie industries, inadequate production equipment, poor scripting, poor story research and the advent of ICT have been described as the major problems facing movie industries in Nigeria in achieving national development. Nigeria home movie industries can enhance national development through stories that focus on peaceful co-existence of Nigeria, if their stories are on corruption effects, if stories are on good governance and if the story is on culture. It is recommended that the Nigerian films censors commission should scrutinize films before they are sent out for viewing by the larger audience and Script writers should always have at the back of their minds that Nigeria cultural heritage and national unity should be foremost on their minds when they are writing any script.

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