The study examined the role of mobile phone in achieving effective feedback (A case study Unique FM 103.1, Ilesha. Feedback makes communication a continuous process, as it has the capacity to change the course and pattern of communication encountered between persons or among individuals. Feedback is a very important yardstick for measuring audience acceptance and participation in programmes. However, a very important element would be missing if feedback especially through phone-in programme is omitted from the basic structure of communication which contains sender, message, channel and receiver. Majority of the respondents send feedback to media house through the use of mobile phone. However, feedback is seen as part of communication process. To this end, most of the media houses are now making use of various devices to collect feedback from their audience ranging from mobile phone, e-mail, and to the recent social media. While it is evident that the fasted and effective means of getting feedback is through mobile phone, in fact it has made mass media which used to be referred to as unidirectional communication to multi or bi-dimensional as audience can from their room contribute to the live programme going on the media, these therefore making mass media to be more interactive and interesting. Findings show that mobile Phone has enhanced the effectiveness of media programmes. Survey research methodology was adopted in eliciting data needed from the sample. It was recommended that media outfits should developed means to get feedback.


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