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ABSTRACT:The aim of this project is to highlight the impact of motivation on employees’ productivity, with reference to Unilever Nigeria Plc, Lagos State motivation of employee helps to enhance organization productivity. It also enhances their employee to work hard and help in achieving the goals and objectives of the organization. The research methodology carried out was to gather some facts useful for the conduct of the study. In this, research questionnaire were used. The data collected through the research were also analyzed in this study in addition with their interpretation. Finally, certain conclusions were drawn and useful recommendations were given to the company as a motivation and for achieving other objectives desired in the organization.



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Table of Contents


1.0     Introduction

1.1     Background of the study

1.2     Statement of the study

1.3     Objectives of the study

1.4     Research Questions

1.5     Statement of Hypothesis

1.6     Significance of the study

1.7     Scope of the study

1.8     Limitations of the study

1.9     Historical background of case study

Organizational Chart

1.10   Definition of terms


2.0     Literature Review

2.1     Introduction

2.2     Theoretical Framework

2.3     Conclusion

CHARTER THREE: Research Methodology

3.1     Introduction

3.2     Research Design

3.3     Data Collections Instrument

3.4     The Study Population

3.5     Sampling Method and Sample Size

3.6     Sources of Data

3.7     Method of Data Analysis

CHAPTER FOUR: Data Presentation and Analysis

4.0     Introduction

4.1     Data Presentation

4.2     Data Analysis

4.3     Testing of Hypothesis


5.0     Summary, Conclusions and Recommendations and

Suggestions for Further Studies

5.1     Summary

5.2     Conclusion

5.3     Recommendations

5.4     Suggestions for Further Studies


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Appendix II



1.1     Background of the study

The problem of motivating workers through adequate and appropriates monetary incentive is as old as life itself it was just between last half centuries that the merinos available today have been discovered to bear on the solution, the study is to examine the effect of monetary incentives on employee especially in industries, which make them to be committed to their work. In other words the study is concerned about workers and how to enhance their commitment to work, and this helping in achieving the goal and objectives of the organization, Employee have to be committed to their work so that, productivity will increase and the company will also grow the commitleeism, lateness, malingering, go slow labour turnover. Monetary incentive will be good industrial relations which will enhance workers morable, high productivity, inducement of foreign investment and economy development.

An organization represents a large or similar collection of human difference. These human elements are different characteristics (mental and physical of different skill and ability). They are also different involve look and arms. Therefore, it can be said that individual in the organization have different needs, which should be satisfied if workers are to fulfill their obligation to the organization effectively, such are survival growth, increases in productivity, good image and profit making to mention but a few the individual member to an organization such as wages and salaries stares recognition, approached promotion and self activation.

Motivation is concerned with why people do what they do. It answers such question as why do managers or workers get work and do a good job. This tries to explain what motivates people to act the way they do with primary flows on the work place. It is the primary task of the manager to create and maintain an environment in which employees can work efficiently to realize the objectives of the organization

Employees differ not only in their ability to work but also in their will to do so (motivation). To motivate is to induce persuade, stimulate, even compel. An employee to act in a manner which fulfills the objectives of an organization. The motivation of employees depends on the strength of their motives. Motives are needs wants drives or impose within the individual and these determine than is the process of arousing behaviour, sustaining behaviour in progress and channeling behavior in to a specific covers of action.

          Thus motives (Needs, Desires) include employees to act. Motivation therefore is the inner state that energies channels and sustains human behaviour. Since it has been established that al behaviour expect involving responses are goals directed. Manager can apply motivational theories of management in their attempt to direct the job behaviour of employee towards the goals of their establishment.

1.2     Statement of the Problem

Workers leave organization due to the fact that they are not motivated enough. Some are not willing to leave because they are enjoining some benefits in terms of promotion which leads to increase in salaries and wages bonuses and some other incentives. Organization must improve the work performance, productivity skills and ability of its employees. The problem is how to motivate workers to achieving higher productivity.

1.3    Objective of the Study

i.    To examine the extent to which employees are motivated.

ii.   To ascertain the extent to which employees’ motivation impacted on employee’s productivity.

1.4    Research Questions

Some of the research questions are:

i.    To what extent do employees motivated?

ii.   To what extent do employees’ motivation impacted on employee’s productivity?
1.5    Significance of the Study

The significance of this study cannot be over-emphasized. It will be based on the examination of the motivation practice in Unilever Nigeria Plc, Lagos and to know the extent to which it is being carried out. The effects on the workers the organization and the country at large. More so, to acquaint the various managers and different categories of employees to the need to embrace motivation this will go a long way in achieving higher productivity.

          Besides, those students in the field of administration will find educative. Interesting and challenging in that the various activities and techniques of motivation are revealed and logically analyzed.

          Lastly, this project will be of value to those who may want to carryout similar research in the nearest future.

1.6    Scope of the Study

           This project covers the aspect of motivation in persuading stimulating and compelling an employee to act in a manner which fulfils the objectives of the organization. One cannot but say that data collection is the most tedious of writing the project. Another limitation is that the researcher being a student who has to read other courses as well as to take normal lecture during the period of the research may be limited by time given for the study being too short.

          Lastly, the fund constraint in carrying out this research project the cost of getting material and information as well as their adequacies will also constitute the limitation of the study.

1.7    Operational Definition of Terms

Motivation: This is the process arousing behaviour, sustaining behaviour in progress and channeling behaviour into a specific course of action.

Organization: This has to do with determination and provision of capital, materials, equipment and personnel that may be required in an enterprise in order to achieve the set goals.

Employee: This is a person who is paid to work for an organization or business enterprise.

Behaviour: Is the manner of someone, an animal, a plant etc. do thing a particular way.

Employees Services: This is the maintaining of the general welfare of employees on the job and assisting with problems related to their security and personnel ,well being e.g. medical service and insurance protection.



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