This research focuses on the role of indigenous communication in community development with a case study of Ijaiye Local Government, Lagos State. Without doubt, indigenous communication otherwise known as traditional communication is one of the oldest means of communication using local tool or media to disperse information such as town criers, drummers, using of signs etc. Although it was a very popular means as at then, but advancement in modern technology especially in this digital age has made it suffered high degree of decline. Quantitative research design was used in which cross-sectional survey method was adopted while the data collection instrument was questionnaire. Larger percentage of the respondents were of the opinions that an Ijaye person does not use indigenous communication in their daily activities. Indigenous communication is not recognize in Ijaiye community as only few people regard it as a useful means of communication. It is recommended that film producers, documentary writers and presenters should try to  document and make use of indigenous communication tools in their programme to let the younger generation get familiar.

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