The basic goal of the research is to examine the influence of graphical cartoons in newspaper publication with a case study of the Punch Newspaper, Lagos. It is observed that since the first appearance of cartoon in newspaper, it has remained one of the most integral parts of newspaper. It plays different role depending on the type of cartoon and caption used. Cartoon to many is an entertainment and funny graphics. One of the major reasons for using cartoon in newspaper is to set agenda on current issue or matter which may neither be expressed by news and features including editorial page. However, due to the power and freedom enjoy by cartoon which news, articles and editorial writers lack make it possible for cartoonists to use cartoon to tell what reporters and feature writers are afraid of writing. Survey research method was adopted coupled with 150 copies of questionnaires that were administered to the respondents within the Punch newspaper. It recommends that print media should give cartoonists more freedom to operate while appropriate space should be allotted as well also, cartoonists should do away with cartoons that can generate tension and clashes such as the one published about Prophet Muhammad in the recent time.

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