This study evaluated the effects of photographs in newspaper cover page: An appraisal of the Punch newspaper. It is obvious that photographs play a very prominent role in newspaper and the world of print media in general especially when place in the cover page. It communicates messages even to the illiterates. A newspaper without the use of photograph would be nothing but look like a letter or text book and such publication could not persuade readers. Also, photographs draw the attention of the reader to the most prominent news and issue especially when placed at the front page of a newspaper while placement also used to set agenda on what public will debate upon that day. Survey method was adopted alongside the use of questionnaire to gather data from the respondents of which a total of 110 questionnaires were printed and distributed among the newspaper readers in Lagos, one hundred were returned. Findings showed that photograph not only draws reader’s attention but also communicates significant message. Photojournalism should therefore be taught separately in higher institutions just like many institutions have separated marketing, public relations and advertising to enable students have broad knowledge of the concepts. Photojournalists should be trained and re-retrained to meet up with digital trends.

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