The research set out to examine Social media as tool for enhancing information sharing and public participation in Government. This is necessary at this point in time when many Nigerians especially are now active online particularly on social media- facebook, twitter, instagram and whatsapp and the passage of freedom of information during the past administration of Goodluck Jonathan which offers citizen participation in governance. The research was anchored on technological determinism theory and Social Media Networking Viral Model. Cluster sampling technique was adopted to select respondents in major strategic locations within Lagos state and 40 respondents were picked each from Oshodi, Ojota, Ikeja, Mushin/Ladipo and Yaba/Akoka making the sample size to be 200 respondents. The main data collection instrument for this research work was questionnaire. The method of data collection for this research was face to face administration of questionnaire to the respondents. Descriptive statistics was used to analysis the data collected in frequency percentage and tables. Finding shows that, the most commonly used social media among Nigerians is Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp. It is also noted that majority of the respondents (69.8%) log in or use one information communication technology or the other on a daily basis. Most of the respondents (46.9%) received, shared and participated in discussion about government activities and policies once in a while using information technology and social media. While, majority of the respondents learn about their civic responsibility or civic right via socio-media and I.T. Also, comments and reactions from social media users influence government decision making partially while comments, posts and twits on social media can be seditious when users are posting unverified information, sharing malicious message and invading on one’s privacy.

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