The paper examined the implication of Boko-Haram insurgency in Nigeria since 2009 till date. No doubt, Boko-haram is one of the most deadline sects in the world and particularly in Nigeria and West African- Chad, Cameroon, Niger etc. Since 2009 till date lots of lives, properties and socio-economy and political activities have been seriously affected. Boko Haram insurgency has killed almost 100,000 persons according to Shettima (2017), while 2,114,000) persons have become internally displaced as at December of 2016. The causes of Boko-haram in Nigeria has been attributed to lack of sensitive leaders, weak judicial system, injustice, nepotism and a culture of impunity, corruption in the corridors of power, indigenship syndrome, influence of powerful individuals, unemployment, unregulated sales of chemical, poor citizen’s identification, loop borders, poverty among other. Boko-Haram has caused lots of undenied effects to the nation and individual in the area of economy, death toll, destruction of properties, breaking and destruction of government institutions, business destruction, poverty and hunger, promotion of state of anarchy by controlling some local government, abduction of chibok school girls among other. The study concluded that whether boko-haram disguises under religion, ethnics, political or what?. It is the responsibility of the government and other stakeholders to call a spade a spade, put all hands on deck and bring an end to such ugly activities that has pained Nigerians home and abroad in bad light, apart from the social economic and political implication. The paper recommends that everyone should be vigilant and report unusual movement, objects, statements and people to the security personnel while Nigeria Intelligent squad should develop more innovative and technology to uncovering issues before birth.

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