The study examined the influence of social media particularly Facebook as emerging tool for political participation in Delta State, Nigeria. The emergency and proliferation of social media otherwise known as citizen media has reshaped political education and mobilization in Nigeria. It offers platform for political debates, cyber activism, political campaign and political mobilization. Survey research method was used coupled with 300 copies of questionnaires that were administered to residents in the three senatorial districts of Delta state. This political dispensation, political office holders, politicians, including president and governors created and manage social media account such as facebook, twitter, Instagram among others to interact with fans, or supporters. Political leaders and political candidate shared their political agenda and mobilize people towards it propagation. It was recommended that, social media can be improved to enhance better public mobilization, sensitization and true democracy in Nigeria through citizen sensitization programmes, registration that involve national identity card. 

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Keyword: ICT, Social Media, Blogs, Electorate, General Election and INEC.

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