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ABSTRACT: The study investigated Tuesday Guardian employment opportunities advert on the sales of the newspaper in order to ascertain the extent to which people in Osogbo have access, patronize and get jobs from the Tuesday edition of the Guardian. The study is anchored on Uses and Gratifications Theory and Source Credibility Theory. A survey research method was used coupled with a questionnaire to elicit responses from the respondents that were selected through purposive sampling in five strategic locations within Osogbo particularly in Oke Fair, Gbemu, Ayetoro Area, Old Garage and Ola-Iya Area respectively. 200 copies of the questionnaire were administered and completely retrieved for analysis. The data collected were analysed using the frequency and percentage method. Findings show that many people (82%) partially read Guardian newspaper and those who read Tuesday Guardian newspaper read it because of employment opportunities to some extent. Also, people don’t really gain employment through Tuesday Guardian newspaper employment opportunities pages since employment is very competitive in Nigeria. It is recommended that more newsstands and vendors be set up in Osogbo and its environs this will increase the number of copies sold daily.



1.0       Introduction

1.1       Background to the Study

There is no newspaper establishment that can survive without circulating its copies responsibly and generate enough revenue that will keep it afloat because newspaper, apart from its social responsibility to the community, its aim is to make profit. However, there are several ways by which newspaper outfits generate income for its survival ranging from selling of space for adverts and announcements, to the sponsored articles, circulating copies etc. That is why accounting/advert departments in media organizations are saddled with this responsibility to keep the newspaper afloat. The department or unit is also determining new sources or streams of revenues through collaboration with top management, strategic planners, and marketing forecasters (Olayinka, 2013).

Meanwhile, the hallmark of a good newspaper is circulated to as many readers as possible and make a profit and few of the ways to get different people to read a newspaper is when the paper has varieties of contents that capable of meeting the needs, uses and gratifications of various categories of people in the society from students, artisans, sports lovers, educationalists, political fans, economists and to the entertainment fans, job seekers among others because individuals buy or read the newspaper that offers him/her the needed gratification.

Sport fans go to the back page newspaper to read sport or go for sport specialised newspaper to enjoy sport to the fullest, the same goes to other aspect/page or column including the Job advert pages/column specifically meant for the consumption of the job seekers. There are several national newspapers in Nigeria such as a Guardian, the Punch, Nigerian Tribune, Daily Sun, Daily Trust, Leadership, This Day, The Nation, Daily Independent, National Mirror etc 

However, for the purpose of this study, Guardian newspaper will be the focus. Guardian newspaper is acclaimed as the elite newspaper with high respect for its independence and language. The Guardian is an independent newspaper, established in 1983 for the purpose of presenting balanced coverage of events, and of promoting the best interests of Nigeria. It owes allegiance to no political party, ethnic community, religious or other interest group. Its primary commitment is to the integrity and sovereignty of the Federation of Nigeria. (Guardian, 2017).

Guardian newspaper is one of the Nigerian newspapers with a dedicated pages/column for job advertisement to meet the need and gratifications of the job seekers. This page/column is considered to be one of the hot pages/column in the Guardian newspaper because of the high level of unemployment in the country. Guardian Tuesday edition is said to be one of the foremost credible job advert placement platform in Nigeria. In fact, many online job portals copies jobs listed on the newspaper into their website such as among other job portals. The Guardian newspaper in Nigeria is also doing this as an imitation of Guardian newspaper in UK. 

To this end, the research examines the impact of Tuesday Guardian employment opportunities advertisement with the view to know whether it has influenced the sales of the newspaper copies in Iree and whether unemployed people get job through it.

1.2       Statement of the Problem

Nigeria is a country experiencing one of the high levels of unemployment in the world due to its poor state of economy, corruption and mismanagement of resources that had characterised the country long before its independence. Other factors booming unemployment in Nigeria is the increasement in the number of graduates (SSCE, Technical, ND, NCE, HND, B.Sc, M.Sc and PhD) coupled with rural-urban migration. These developments have equally led to the increasement in the number of people seeking jobs. In fact, a job is having more than 100 potential job seekers making people very desperate to get a job at all costs. Few of the available sources to get job announcement is through the electronic media, newspapers, magazines and to the recent internet.

However, the success on the number of traffic experienced by the online job portals such as Jobberman, justjob, myjob, ntajob, and coupled with high job seekers and as an imitation of Guardian newspaper in UK are few things that seem to have motivated the Guardian Newspaper to dedicate some pages in its Tuesday Edition to a job advertisement, this which has been observed to have served as a booster to the numbers of copies sold on Tuesdays.

It is against this background that the research examines the impact of Tuesday Guardian employment opportunities advertisement with the view to know whether it has influenced the sales of the newspaper copies in Ikeja.

1.3       Objectives of the Study

  1. To examine the extent to which people patronise Guardian newspaper in Ikeja Community?
  2. To ascertain whether people in Ikeja community buy Tuesday Guardian due to employment advertisement.

1.4       Research Questions

  1. To what extent do people patronise Guardian newspaper in Ikeja Community?
  2. How do people of Ikeja buy Tuesday Guardian was as a result of the employment advertisement?

1.5       Scope of the Study

The scope of the study is limited to the newspaper readers at various some strategic locations within Ikeja including newsstands in Iree and vendors. It is the appropriate place to get many newspaper readers who usually crowded there to read, criticise and interpret various top stories since people are no longer really buying and reading hardcopy newspapers.

1.6       Significance of the Study    

This study is considered to offer significant contributions to individuals, media organisations and others especially because the study is new to the field of mass communication and media.

Newspaper and print media, in general, will benefit from this study as it will enable them to know what people are saying about their publication or column or a particular page in order to improve and pay attention to public sentiments.

This will go a long way in designing and dedicating some pages to another issue germane to human interest that will further translate to high patronage of such newspaper. 

This will add to the body of knowledge in mass communication and print media in particular because it is very rear in media research to study only the influence or contribution of a page or column on readers and perhaps the sales volume.

Future researchers and students who may want to further research on similar work or related ones will find this material very useful to lay hand on. 

 1.7       Operational Definition of Terms

Impact: This has to do with the contribution or influence employment opportunities page of Tuesday Guardian on readers.

Guardian Newspaper: The Guardian is an independent newspaper, established in 1983 for the purpose of presenting balanced coverage of events and promoting the best interests of Nigeria.

Tuesday Guardian: This is a Guardian newspaper edition published every Tuesday that carries job advertisements meant for job seekers in Nigeria.

Employment Opportunities Advertisement: These are special page(s) dedicated to job advertisements on Tuesday Guardian newspaper specifically the job seekers. 

Sales of Newspaper: This refers to efforts to sell more copies of Guardian newspaper to the readers especially in Ikeja community.



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