The use of celebrity endorser strategy now frequently used by corporate organization like GLO or individual marketers to get exposure for their brands/product and for consumers to patronize what they have to offer.  The study was anchored Perception Theory and Mental Model. The research used survey method coupled with questionnaire as a data collection instrument. One hundred (100) respondents were accidentally selected while only 90 copies were correctly filled and returned for analysis. The data collected were analysed and discussed in descriptive statistics (frequency and percentage method). Finding also shows that many of the respondents (77.7%) admitted that they saw celebs in Glo advertising campaigns many times. On whether celebrities featured on Glo adverts have impact on the respondents, 61% of the respondents stressed that featuring celebs have little or no impact on them. Findings show that many of the respondents (53.3%) partially agreed that the use of celebrities by the Glo placed the company as market leaders.  Majority of the respondents (70%) were of the views that the celebrities used in the advertising campaigns and other marketing means partially or have no impact on their buying, usage and even recommendations of Glo. It is safe to conclude that seductive women image should be used with caution because some culture and religion negate it use while the body saddled with the responsibility to control and see to what and how the advertising business operates (APCON) should be thorough in the discharge of their duties.  





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