The study investigates the role of newspapers as an instrument for promoting indigenous language and culture with a particular focus on Alaroye Newspaper. Alaroye newspaper remains one of the surviving indigenous newspapers in Nigeria focusing on Yoruba cultural development especially Yoruba language and culture. The study was anchored on the Uses and Gratifications and Source Credibility Theory. Survey research method as a quantitative design was adopted while 150 copies of questionnaire were administered to 150 respondents out of which 142 copies were returned for analyse. The data collected were analysed in frequency and percentage method and tables. Findings show that Alaroye newspaper is highly promoting indigenous language and culture through news, features and vox pop as the entire production is done in Yoruba language while the death of Yoruba language, poor attitude toward Nigeria cultures and economy problem formed the major challenges battling Alaroye newspaper. It is recommended that Alaroye should develop mobile applications and other digital platforms where people can read Alaroye newspaper on the go while ministry of information and culture should support Alaroye newspaper to stand firmly in the midst of the national newspapers.


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