The right of citizens to know what is happening within the government and in the ordinary street is one of the factors that drive journalists while a tool used by the government to restrict journalists is to classify some documents and information as “Official Secret Act”, “National Security” and “Internal Interest”. These are used to cloak the government’s illegal spying activities.  It is against this background that this research examines National Security and the Right of the public to know: An analysis of Samuel Ogundipe Experience.  The study was anchored on Social Responsibility Theory. Survey research method was used while one copies of qustionanire were administered to journalists in Portharcout. The data collected were analysied in frequency and percentage tables. Findings show that despite the FOI Act, journalists and media professionals are still facing different form of harassment, intimidation, killing, arrest and forcefully pressure to disclose their source of information among other. Journalists condemned and dislike the arrest and detention of Samuel Ogundipe. It is recommended that Journalists should study the new freedom of information law and see how they can adopt to the new system especially now that journalists are still facing challenges in the hand of security operative.


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