The research is set out to examine the influence of Sexual Musical Videos on the Sexual Orientations of Mass Communication Students of Osun State Polytechnic Iree. The study is necessary at this time as many youth are seen with earpiece plug to their smartphones and tablet enjoying different kinds of music especially Hip hop as major source of entertainment. The study was anchored on Social Learning Theory and Cultivation Theory. Survey research method was adopted in which questionnaires 100 copies of questionnaire were administered to students that were purposive selected across departments within Osun State Polytechnic Iree community out of which 90 copies that were correctly filled were analysed using frequency and percentage method. Findings show that larger percentage of the students (80%) watch video music lots particularly Nigerian hip hop (63%) and foreign hip hop (27%) usually via smartphone, laptop and online (Youtube). The lyrics of most video music are said to be bad, yet they like it and believed it still entertain. They equally admitted that musical videos increase sexual feeling, love of money and breeding new slangs among students while ladies are largely portrayed as sex agent and lubricants of life for men. It is recommended that Nigerian Hip Hop artistes should promote values, norms and culture of Nigeria through their music while government and other regulating agencies should stand up to sensitize and censor music that are lyrically and visually bad for public consumptions.

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