The research examines the impact of public relations in actualization of organisation’s objectives with a specific focus on the Nigeria Brewery, Ibadan. It has been established in this research work that role of public relations practice in any organization cannot be easily fathom. The research work was justified on the framework of Systems Theory and Situational Theory. The study used survey research method while questionnaire was used to collect data from 154 respondents that were purposively selected from the Nigeria Breweries Plc out of which 142 copies that were correctly filled were analysed in frequency and percentage method. Findings show that public relations unit or department of the Nigeria Brewery has extensively contributed to the development and profitability of Nigeria Brewery, Ibadan to a high extent through adequate feedback and platform to manage the complaints of customers. Also, Social media, broadcast media, print and press conference are the major tools and media often used by the PR unit. The study recommended that management should ensure that they make use of social media and other new media to effectively disseminate, interact and solving problems while public relations unit should be more creative and innovative in designing new approach to solve every challenge and device new tactics that can facilitate better productivity.


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