This research examines on the impact of mass media campaigns on reduction of malaria (A study of Osun State Broadcasting Corporation. There is no doubt about the fact that malaria remained one of the deadly diseases killing thousands of people especially in Africa and Asia. One of the means to curtail its spread is through awareness creation. The study was anchored on Social Judgement Theory and Source Credibility Theory. The research used survey method coupled with questionnaire as a data collection instrument. One hundred (100) respondents were accidentally selected from 100, while only 90 copies were correctly filled and returned for analysis. The data collected were analysed and discussed in descriptive statistics (frequency and percentage method). Finding also shows that to some extent various mass campaigns are effective as awareness is. The study recommended that there should be increase in malaria awareness among individual, family and communities by ensure community participation in the control while there should be adequate record, document and information about malaria in order to assist the health worker to spot easily the malaria prone areas.



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