Impact of Advertising on Consumers Buying Behaviours

The research examined the impact of advertising on consumers buying behaviours (a study of Nasco Cornflakes advertising of 2016-2017. It is established that advertisements go a long way in influencing how consumers relate with a brand and the level of conviction to buy or use a product like cornflakes especial at the shopping spot. The theory that led support to this study were the Cultivation Theory and Uses and Gratification Theory. Survey research method was adopted while one hundred and fifty (150) copies of questionnaire were administered to respondents that were accidentally selected within Jos Metropolis and they Angwan Rukuba, Farin Gada, Dogon Dutse, Bauchi Road and Odus. The data collected were analysed using frequency and percentage method. Findings show that majority of the respondents were exposed to NASCO commercials while, many of the respondents (72%) still prefer other brand to Nasco cornflakes to a reasonable extent. It is recommended that NASCO manufacturers should try as much as possible to reduce the price of their product in other to accommodate all their target consumers and not to see advertising as the main reason for price increment. APCON are advised to see that advertisers maintain the principle guiding advertising because consumers through advertisement are deceived into buying the wrong product.

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