Journalism is considered as an exclusive preserve of men with salutation of ‘Gentlemen of the Press’ an indication of gender discrimination or men profession. The study therefore appraises gender inequality in the practice of journalism with a particular focus on Nigeria Union of Journalists, Osun State Chapter. The study was anchored on Mute theory and System Management Theory. Survey research method was used while 200 copies of questionnaires were administered to respondents who were journalists that were purposively selected at the NUJ Press Centre Osogbo out of which 180 copies were retrieved and analysed using frequency and percentage distribution method. Findings show that women journalists are performing like their male counterparts in all aspect of journalism despite the fact that women’s role as mother alongside religion, political atmosphere are some of challenges limiting the potentials of women mostly Nigeria. Yet the impacts of women journalists to the development of broadcast media cannot be overemphasized as they anchor of women related programmes such as “Today’s Women”, Maggi Kitchen, Women Half Hour, Women in Politics, Best Mom, anchor of Health/Children Programmes. The study recommended that the media employers should ensure gender equality while recruiting for media establishment, also, female lecturers and technologists should be employ in higher institutions where course related to journalism, mass communication and so are offered. 


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