The research analysing the effect of television drama (Jennifer Diary) on the usage of English Language by Students in some selected secondary schools in Osogbo. There is no doubt about the fact that people especially children tend to cultivate and imitate what they see or watch on television and that is why the research was anchored on Cultivation Theory and Edutainment Theory. Survey research method was adopted with questionnaire was used as data collection instrument. 250 respondents were picked using simple random and systematic simpling technique from Kunike International School, Osogbo; Laro Comprehensive High School; and Osogbo and Osogbo Grammar School, Osogbo. The data collected were analysed using frequency and percentage with tables. Findings show that majority of the respondents (37.6%) watched Jennifer’s Diary soap opera largely due to the funny nature of the main character and its language. Also, students admitted that they cultivate and imitate Jennifer’s spoken English pattern as they speak in Jennifa’s tone and patterns while interacting, although, respondents said they are not harmed by the spoken English because they are aware that it is a comedy which should not be taken seriously.  It is recommended that television industry should as a matter of fact create some decent educative programmes that will continue to promote the educational values of Nigeria while students should not allow what they watch influence their social life especially soap opera like Jennifa’s diary among other related film.


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