The research examined the effect of Advertising of Herbal Product on Consumers Decision Making Process: A case study Amen Scientific Herbal Centre, Taifa-Accra. The research was anchored on Source Credibility and Cultivation Theory. Survey research method was adopted while questionnaire was used to collect data from respondents. 150 respondents were accidentally selected from major strategic location within Usshertown, Tudu, Victoriaborg, West Ridge, and East Ridge while 131 copies were correctly returned and analysed using frequency and percentage data analysis method. Findings show that lots of the respondents often exposed to Amen Herb Advertisement from the radio, television, billboard and online media. By and large, it is obvious that substantial numbers of the respondents have been influenced largely by Amen Herbs commercials which have further changed their herbs consumption pattern. The most important appeal used to draw attention to Amen herb products are benefits appeals and package while it is clear that to a reasonable extent, advert do have effect on the respondents. Also, substantial numbers of the respondents have preference for Amen Herbal Products. It is recommended that APCON should see that advertisers maintain the principle guiding advertising because consumers through advertisement are lure into buying the wrong product.

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